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Muncie Memory Spiral photo by Jenny Smith
Muncie Memory Spiral photo by Jenny Smith

The Muncie Memory Spiral is an 800’ spiral pathway and garden in Heekin Park on Muncie’s Southside. Along the spiral pathway are numerous signs containing both images and text depicting events and/or themes significantly related to the history of Muncie, Indiana and the surrounding area.  The entrance to the pathway begins with signage denoting aspects of our area’s most recent history, and, as visitors travel along the pathway, they “spiral back in time” until they reach the center of the spiral, where there is a gathering space with seating and a shade structure, as well as signage relating to the history of Heekin Park and the importance of the spiral design.


The Muncie Memory Spiral has been designed to achieve five important goals:

1) to become a beautiful and significant addition to Muncie’s park system;

2) to provide a focus on Muncie’s rich history, with both visual and textual presentations;

3) to provide a variety of educational opportunities for both children and adults;

4) to become an outstanding amenity on Muncie’s Southside, an area which has been largely underserved in our community;

5) to contribute to healthy lifestyles, encouraging walking both along its pathway as well as to other historically important sites in Heekin Park, such as the African-American “Walk of Fame,” Five Points Fountain, the WWII and Vietnam Veterans memorials, and the replicas of historic cabins. It is hoped that, with the addition of the Muncie Memory Spiral, Heekin Park will become known as “Muncie’s History Park.”


Rick and Jeanne Zeigler designed the concept for the Muncie Memory Spiral, with Rundell Ernstberger Associates (REA) assisting to bring the concept to fruition. Pridemark Construction was engaged to oversee the construction of the project. Versatile Metal Works fabricated the seating, overhead canopy, and sign pedestals. Jay Crew Landscaping installed the landscaping elements. Chris Flook headed a committee to determine the themes, text, and images for the historical signage, with assistance from Rick Zeigler. Funding for the project was provided by the Sherman and Marjorie Zeigler Foundation, Ball Brothers Foundation, George and Frances Ball Foundation, City of Muncie, Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, the Land Conservation Trust, Hamer D. & Phyllis C. Shafer Foundation, MutualBank Foundation, Old National Bank Foundation, Robert Kersey, Boyce Systems, Meeks Mortuary, First Merchants Corporation Charitable Fund, Magna, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Foundation, and CEP.

Photos by Jenny Smith.

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